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Anonim napisał(a): the foreign guy called you an idiot because you are being an idiot not because you're a women so he isn't being sexist tbh


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wait till your father gets home

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Aubrey Plaza by Father John Misty
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Aubrey Plaza by Father John Misty

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nollyartworks napisał(a): Don't care about all this cyber-fight but I just want to react to this "just like white person telling black person what is racist or not". Do you think it always have to go in this direction? Do you think a white boy like me couldn't be able to pinpoint sexism and racism?

of course he could but what sexism? that he is expected to pay for the dinner on a date or that in society’s eyes he is a PUSSY when she cries? oh yes, sorry. let’s fight for men’s rights and their place in society because they don’t have enough. that’s how feminism (the conversation started with feminism, so) is supposed to be: who cares about women (being raped, harassed at home/work/street,getting paid less than men for same job, being scared everyfuckingtime when they walk without men by their side at night) when we can talk about boys’ problems like everytime when women start to talk about the real global problem.